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Vedic Maths: Base and Complement

Base and Complement are very important in Vedic Mathematics and form the basis of many calculations.


As explained above we work in a base 10 number system. In order to ease our calculations we can take any number ending with ‘0’ i.e. any multiple of 10 as our base.


The Complement of a number is the difference between that number and the next higher power of 10.

10’s complement:

This includes all 1 digit numbers. It is the number that should be added to make it 10.

The complement of 6 is 4.
The complement of 7 is 3.

100’s complement:

This includes all 2 digit numbers. It is the number that should be added to make it 100.

The complement of 55 is 45.
The complement of 89 is 11.

Finding a complement of a number:

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